• A tried and true method that cuts through soil other equipment cannot, trenchers maintain an important presence in any comprehensive excavation fleet. Well aware of their vital role, Ditch Witch® engineers their line of machines for top-flight power and low-maintenance. 

  • Walk Behind

    Featuring excellent maneuverability and solid construction, Ditch Witch’s® line of walk-behind trenchers are perfect for a number of settings and tasks.

  • Ride-On

    Featuring high-quality parts and cutting-edge technology, Ditch Witch® ride-on trenchers offer the ultimate return on investment. 

  • Quad

    Bring added traction and all-terrain capability to your trenching projects through Ditch Witch® quad trenchers. 

  • Micro

    Easily slice through hard surfaces and install utility lines or piping with great speed when using Ditch Witch’s® line of micro trenchers. 

  • Vibratory Plows

    Break up earth and move it along with our large inventory of Ditch Witch® vibratory plows. 

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