Ditch Witch® RT16

The capabilities you expect, and the power you need

Features & Specs

  • Ditch Witch® S2B single-axle trailer
  • Beltless hydraulics for added stability
  • Heavy-duty drive linkage



Showcasing a 16-hp engine and hard-wearing components, the Ditch Witch® RT16 moves dirt quicker than the competition while exceptional design ensures accuracy and consistency.

Break up dirt with the RT16, a precise and versatile walk-behind trencher that gets the job done quicker and more effectively than the competition.

Roll back earth using the 16-hp engine, decrease maintenance checks due to advanced hydraulics, and utilize incredible stability through a solid rubber trail wheel.


  • Solid-rubber trail wheel increases stability and leverage
  • Ditch Witch® S2B single-axle trailer streamlines transportation
  • Configurations with either high-flotation tires or durable tracks
  • Simple and accessible controls entirely concentrated at the operator’s station for easy and responsive handling
  • Drive linkage engineered for longevity, and straightforward operation and maintenance
  • Headshaft and auger stabilization via outboard bearing support make it one of the most reliable trenchers available
  • Beltless hydraulics conserve energy while minimizing maintenance issues
  • Skid-steer steering offers excellent maneuverability


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