Ditch Witch® RT115

Premier trenching ability and long-lasting durability

Features & Specs

  • Rear-steering for enhanced mobility
  • Low-gravity stability
  • 115-hp John Deere engine



Impressively responsive and packing enough torque to move even the toughest ground, the 100-hp RT115 Quad is an outstanding ride-on trencher that goes where the competition can’t.

Sitting atop a durable undercarriage and propelled by 1500 pound tracks, Ditch Witch’s® RT115 Quad ride-on trencher is ideal for debris-heavy and rocky or slanted worksites. 

Excavation is expedited by a series of intuitive and functional features like an informative LCD display, compatibility with a slew of different attachments, and accurate 15.5 inch clearance. 

Meanwhile, a durable hydraulic system, modular design, and 24/7 support from Ditch Witch Northwest limit unexpected holdups and maintenance complications.


  • Tilt frame assists vertical trenching on patchy ground
  • Rear-steering enables tighter turns and better maneuverability
  • Electrically controlled pump for quicker response and superior control
  • Cruise control is easily optimized for consistent plowing
  • Chevron track pattern offers utmost traction against inclines and wetness
  • 1500-lb. track frames create a low center of gravity
  • Three-speed drive engineered to perform well over any and all terrain
  • Durable and long-lasting undercarriage
  • 115 total horsepower from a top-line John Deere engine and low-maintenance hydrostatic transmission
  • A huge number of compatible hydrostatic attachments for job-by-job versatility


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