Ditch Witch® Rod Pushers - P80

Penetrate into the future

Features & Specs

  • 80,000-lb. thrust/pullback
  • Compact 400-lb. frame
  • Operator-friendly design



Packing 80,000 pounds of thrust and pullback power in a compact frame, Ditch Witch’s® P80 rod pusher is a modern marvel that boosts productivity without compromising stability or reliability. 

Designed to be simple and effective, the Ditch Witch® P80 reaches up to 500 feet at 80,000 pounds of push.  Such capability is made even more impressive given its 462 pound frame and versatile features.

Enjoy class-leading accuracy thanks to the machine’s slant-nosed boring head, compatibility with beacon systems, and three setup options to optimize narrow, long range, or high-impact bores.

Bore with confidence too, thanks to our dedicated 24/7 support and consultation.


  • Directional control of 500 feet or more
  • Setup options specialized to stabilize against narrow trench, long-range, shoring scenarios
  • Compatible with Ditch Witch® electronic tracing systems
  • 80,000-lb. thrust/pullback at 2500 psi (172 bar)
  • Compact 400 pound frame for quick transportation and streamlined installation
  • Operator-friendly design shields the user from noise and exhaust
  • Wide selection of boring heads available for a broad range of soil conditions


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