Ditch Witch® Pneumatic Bursting

Significantly speed piping projects with less mess

Features & Specs

  • 200% more clamp load due to patented rear anvil
  • Stress-resistant winches speed startup
  • Excellent stability and safety thanks to a top-caliber design



HammerHead pneumatic bursting systems dramatically speed piping projects through various engineering advancements and innovative features, including stress-resistant winches and a patented rear anvil.

Reduce excavation work and boost overall project speed with our line of Hammerhead pneumatic bursting systems.

Coming in a range of sizes capable of installing 6 to 30 inch diameter pipe, these tools feature accessible and straightforward controls, stress-resistant winches, and a clamp that provides 200% more load than competitors.

At Ditch Witch Northwest, we recognize the importance of doing jobs faster and more efficiently. Offering superior products, however, is only half. We provide downtime-reducing, comprehensive support and service as part of our end-to-end solutions guarantee.


  • 8 different sized models available to install pipe anywhere from 6 to 30 inches in diameter
  • Fast setup time thanks to stress-resistant winches
  • 200% more clamp load due to patented rear anvil
  • Numerous accessories to compliment different settings and scenarios
  • Reduces 85 percent of excavation work found in open-cut procedures
  • Complete 24/7 maintenance support from Ditch Witch Northwest
  • Industry-leading design offers more stability and safety


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