Ditch Witch® Ongrade System

Laser accuracy with accessible controls

Features & Specs

  • Inspection trolley with camera
  • Class II laser
  • Adjustable tripod



Increase each bore’s accuracy with Ditch Witch® OnGrade Systems. Featuring the latest in laser technology and Ditch Witch’s® renowned electronic systems, trust Papé to carry innovative technology that boosts productivity. 

Ditch Witch’s® OnGrade Systems utilize impressive features that help ensure consistent and quality bores for each and every operation.

Harness the precision of modern laser technology, make use of 850BG beacons featuring .1 percent pitch resolution, and set your sights anywhere thanks to an adjustable laser tripod.

Ditch Witch Northwest revolutionizes your worksites by offering state-of-the-art technologies backed by the Ditch Witch Northwest and Papé promise to keep you moving through comprehensive support and service options.


  • Adjustable tripod for consistent accuracy regardless of incline or environment
  • Inspection trolley and camera follows existing beacon to verify and record pipe grade
  • Excluding downhole tooling, all OnGrade components fit in a rugged transport case
  • Utilizes 8500TK tracker/display and 850BG beacon for offset locating capability, drill functionality, 60 roll positions, and 0.1 percent pit
  • Operation does not require reference points, recalculations, or sight relief holes
  • End-load beacon housing provides consistent signal strength no matter the roll position
  • Industry-leading class II lasers are supremely accurate and efficient


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