Ditch Witch® MT12

Excellent microtrenching on near any surface

Features & Specs

  • Quickly and cleanly slices asphalt
  • 6-degree tilt for truly vertical trenches
  • Onboard chutes deposit spoils cleanly



Utilizing an innovative design, and proven components, the MT12 microtrencher boosts excavators’ operating efficiency in both domestic and urban areas.

The Ditch Witch® MT12 microtrencher is an economical and efficient machine that has the cutting-power, stability, and responsiveness to quickly and accurately slice through asphalt and similar materials.

Top caliber features and abilities like onsite blade replacement, adjustable vacuum excavator, and an electronically controlled pump enable operators to complete most trenching tasks with a single, clean slice.

As part of the Ditch Witch Northwest and Papé’s promise to keep you moving, we offer extensive service and support to ensure that your equipment is always running at maximum efficiency.


  • Right and left 6-degree tilt for excavation of truly vertical trenches
  • Sophisticated microtrenching when complimented by RT45 or RT55 trencher and a FX60 vacuum excavator
  • 4 unique and specialized saw blades that precisely slice into asphalt
  • Manual blade changing made quick and convenient through compatibility with generic tools
  • Ideal for foot-deep installations of cable between .75- and 1.25 inches thick
  • Onboard chutes can deposit spoils along the side of the trench for easy cleanup
  • Trenching mechanically adjustable in one inch increments for on-the-fly adjustment


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