Ditch Witch® JT4020 All Terrain

Incredible stability and power coupled with all terrain capability.

Features & Specs

  • Intelligent cruise control for both back reaming and drilling
  • Dual thrust motor design for enhanced control at any drilling speed
  • 190-hp engine



From navigating treacherous terrain to boring through 1000 feet of solid rock, the JT4020 All Terrain directional drill is a major asset in every job.

From rocky terrain to remote wilderness, getting to location is the first step of any task. That’s why Ditch Witch Northwest stocks the JT4020 All Terrain directional drill by Ditch Witch®.

Innovative and effective, this 190-hp machine includes intuitive cruise control, adjustable drill frame, anchor hydraulics, and a tough thrust drive to handle even the most demanding projects.


  • Rock-drilling system offers industry-leading force in-class
  • Optimal visibility courtesy of well-placed panel gauges and controls
  • Easier maintenance and increased dependability via double rack and pinion thrust drive
  • Back reaming and drilling cruise control
  • Efficient pipeloader utilizes field-proven hydraulics for increased efficiency
  • On-board pump optimizes distance drilling
  • Dual thrust motor design offers superb drilling control at all speeds
  • Four-point anchor system allows the unit to be firmly secured in all types of ground conditions
  • Drill frame design emphasizes adjustability to minimize necessary tilt


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