Ditch Witch® JT30

Designed for high performance, built for long-term productivity.

Features & Specs

  • Assisted makeup and breakout
  • 160-hp Tier 4i engine
  • 80 inch width for best-of-class maneuverability



Drill deeper and faster with the JT30 directional drill from Ditch Witch®. Featuring high-caliber and streamlined maneuverability, this machine brings 30,000 pound pullback and 4,000 pounds of torque to areas far too restricted for the competition. 

Engineered with productivity in mind, the JT30 directional drill offers the ultimate combination of accessibility, power, and straightforward maintenance that are ideal for any excavation fleet.  

Go places with the 160-hp Tier 4i engine, amplify effectiveness through the carve mode, and utilize an industry-leading anchor system for optimal stability.

And to top it off, our renowned 24/7 technical support further augments the JT30’s superb durability.



  • Productivity and comfort-increasing double-pivot drill frame
  • Assisted makeup and breakout enables automatic speed adjustment, preventing pipe wear and tear
  • An 80-in width makes the JT30 the most maneuverable model in its class
  • Durable 160-hp Tier 4i engine amongst most powerful available
  • Automatic, intuitive carve mode reduces operator fatigue and error
  • 85 dBA sound pressure from operator’s station makes drill quietest in-class
  • Major anchor system provides serious stability, decreasing maintenance worries and increasing task efficiency
  • TriHawk-compatible automatic carve mode diminishes mistakes and increases task-by-task efficiency
  • Climate-controlled cab (optional) for greater wellbeing in extreme weather


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