Ditch Witch® JT30 All Terrain

Superior construction and innovative in an all-terrain package.

Features & Specs

  • 85 dBA drill quietest in its class
  • Tapered 80 inch width for enhanced mobility
  • Standard-setting Tier 4i engine brings 160 gross horsepower



Tread new heights and bore through obstacles with the JT30 All Terrain directional drill. Featuring superb engineering that maximizes responsiveness, power, and accessibility, this machine outperforms the competition in hard-to-reach settings.  

From debris-ridden sites to mountain tops, the JT30 All Terrain directional drill brings dynamism and capability to a broad range of worksites.

Automatic carve mode, a sturdy anchor system, and spontaneous controls ensure rugged terrain is accessed and drilled with ease and precision.

And no matter where the machine goes, be rest assured our expert technicians are available 24/7 to provide answers and hands-on assistance. That’s the Ditch Witch Northwest and Papé Promise.


  • All Terrain line showcases industry leading inner-rod design that increases mud flow and general capability
  • Standard-setting 85 dBA drill quietest in its class
  • Tapered 80 inch width enables best in-class maneuverability and positioning
  • Electronic controls for real-time diagnostics and increased integration with larger worksite systems
  • Heat and air controlled cab (optional) to ensure operator comfort in all weather conditions
  • Double rack and pinion drive for less maintenance and more jobsite reliability
  • With 160 gross horsepower, the Tier 4i engine offers top-of-class power and endurance


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