Ditch Witch® JT25

Maneuverable, powerful, and stable.

Features & Specs

  • Quick and efficient installation of pipe and cables up to 12 inch diameters up to 500 feet
  • 4,000 lbs. torque rotational drive
  • Zero grease zerks



Known for its engineering and top-line features, the JT25 directional drill boasts an innovative design that maximizes maneuverability without compromising power or stability. Bring 27,000 pounds of pullback and 4,000 pounds of torque to areas inaccessible to same-class machines. 

Dynamic and capable, the Ditch Witch® JT25 directional drill is at home in urban sprawls and large-scale excavations alike.

Featuring a narrow design, low center of gravity, and 27,000 pounds of pullback, the machine is a robust and elegant solution to each and every mid-level project.

Accessible controls and straightforward maintenance further minimizes complications already covered by Ditch Witch Northwest’s dedicated customer service and 24/7 technical support.


  • Installs piping and cables of up to 12 inch diameters at up to 500 feet
  • Rotational drive delivers 4,000 lbs. of torque
  • Single-motor system simplifies maintenance and reduces vehicular stress and minimizes complications
  • Thrust and pullback of 27,000 lbs
  • Convenient carve mode simplifies for operational accuracy and convenience
  • More powerful and quieter than any same-class competitor, the Tier 4i Cummins diesel engine provides 130-hp of force
  • Low center of gravity stabilizes operations across all terrain
  • No grease zerks and a centralized location for all maintenance points
  • Improved performance through two independent rear stabilizers


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