Ditch Witch® JT100 Mach 1

Worksite inspired designs and proven engineering

Features & Specs

  • Durable and low maintenance 268-hp engine
  • 100,000 lbs. pullback and 12,000 lbs. of torque
  • Drill pipe direct-transfer



Incredible power is useful, but incredible power augmented by industry leading innovations is better. Featuring specialized hydraulics, a nimble design, and large capacity pump, the JT100 Mach 1 is a premier directional drill that easily handles tough jobs in small spaces. 

Combine the JT100 Mach 1’s raw capability with Ditch Witch Northwest’s dedicated 24/7 support and you have a powerhouse that expands options and streamlines projects.

Featuring Ditch Witch’s® signature design and craftmanship, this direct drill brings 100,000 pounds of pullback to worksites that similar machines simply cannot fit into.

And all the while utilize a whole arsenal of innovations, including a durable anchor system, steeper entry angles, and integrated electronic guidance control system.



  • Drill pipe direct-transfer to prevent the pipe box from ever empting
  • 268-hp engine for added oomph
  • 100,000 lb. pullback and 12,000 lbs. of torque for major bores
  • Reliable double rack-and-pinion thrust drive for added consistency
  • No bottleneck: Rotary drive truly matches spindle speed and torque
  • Cooling system uses much less hydraulic fluid than other models, reducing maintenance costs and downtime
  • Onboard crane and heavy-duty anchor system (optional) decreases installation requirements and logistical costs
  • Steeper entry angles from the Ditch Witch®-exclusive dual-pivot drill frame decreases or eliminates need for machine tilting


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