Ditch Witch® JT100 All Terrain

A behemoth of a directional drill atop durable all-terrain tacks.

Features & Specs

  • 268-hp engine to fuel 12,000 lbs. of torque and 100,000 lbs. pullback
  • Double-pipe drilling for increased efficiency
  • Assisted drill pipe transference



Built with an emphasis on power, the J100 All Terrain features 100,000 pounds of pullback and a mighty 268-hp engine. This colossal drill uses an innovative design that offers spectacular mobility, power, and stability to large-scale drilling wherever needed.   

Ditch Witch’s® JT100 All Terrain directional drill brings massive capability wherever it goes, and with its 268-hp engine and top-caliber tracks it goes wherever you want.

In addition to industry-leading power, this titan comes with an innovative dual pivot drill frame that offers the utmost in stability and accuracy.  
And no matter where you go, trust Ditch Witch Northwest to care for you and your equipment with our legendary 24/7 comprehensive service solutions.



  • Double-pipe drilling offers more capability than any other comparable model
  • 268-hp engine for serious heft and faster bore completion
  • Dual-pivot drill frame for optimal entry angles while maintaining stability and comfort
  • 12,000 lbs. of torque and 100,000 lb. pullback makes drill effective for long-range drilling and wide pipes
  • Onboard crane (optional) for pipe handling and stability, decreasing required support gear
  • Intuitive and accessible diagnostics and controls within the operator cab
  • Ditch Witch®-exclusive assisted drill pipe transferring, which eliminates reliance on auxiliary support gear and reduces downtime
  • Assisted makeup tool extends drill-pipe life for greater durability and economy
  • Rotary drive automatically matches spindle speed and torque for supreme efficiency
  • Reliable double rack-and-pinion thrust drive offers unparalleled durability through lengthy or stubborn bores


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