Ditch Witch® FX20

Clean and accurate excavation

Features & Specs

  • 150 gallon spoils tank at a 45° angle
  • 540 cfm of earth-dragging power
  • Alignment –enhanced belt



Featuring an outstanding design in a mobile-friendly frame, cover more projects more effectively with the Ditch Witch® FX20 vacuum excavator.

From augmenting larger boring operations to general clean-up, the FX20 vacuum excavator from Ditch Witch® provides consistent and stable performance in a number of scenarios and project roles.

Designed to be a versatile and mobile piece of machinery, the FX20’s compact build houses a variety of innovations. Take advantage of the 150 gallon spoils tank during extended runs, utilize up to 540 cfm suction power, and minimize maintenance thanks to the machine’s triple filter system.

Already known for superior stability and reliability, the FX20 is made even more efficient thanks to Ditch Witch Northwest’s dedicated 24/7 support.


  • 150 gallon spoils tank set at a 45° angle for quick and convenient dumping
  • 540 cfm of earth-altering suction power
  • Compact enough for easy transportation via back of a pickup truck or trailer
  • Belt-driven blower maintains alignment for better consistency and functionality
  • Triple filtration system complete with cyclone separator clears air particles before hitting the filter
  • Operator's panel is intuitive, accessible, and adjustable for an enhanced user experience
  • Non-contact and secure water shutoff valve minimizes risk for leaks


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