Ditch Witch® FM13V

Consistent and simple to help tame complex operations.

Features & Specs

  • Design maximizes fluid flow and yield
  • Sloping tank bottom hastens fluid mixing
  • Compatible with directional drills of all sizes



Featuring Ditch Witch’s® top-tier engineering innovations, the FM13V is a fluid mixing system that maximizes efficiency while minimizing complications, ensuring fluid operations run smoothly each and every time.

Consistency is critical in any bore operation, right down to a drill’s fluid. Ditch Witch’s® FM13V offers reliability and consistency.

At Ditch Witch Northwest, we understand the importance of the little details in every project. That’s why we offer the FM13V. Enjoy 20 percent more fluid capability compared to competitive models, a self-lubricating pump that automates itself upon mixing, and universal compatibility with horizontal drilling systems.  

All the while, rest assured our technical support is standing by 24/7 when and where you need it.


  • Designed to maximize fluid flow and yield times
  • A sloping tank bottom maximizes fluid use and fluid mixing
  • Compatible with horizontal directional drills of every size
  • Minimal pump maintenance through automatic pump lubing
  • 2500 gpm flow of 42-viscosity fluid
  • Mixing jet yields 1000 gallons in 8 minutes or less
  • Select from 500- or 1000 gallon tanks, depending on job size
  • Bag ripper and steep hopper sides both speed mixing further


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