Subsite® Electronics


Know where you’re going quickly and comprehensively.

Features & Specs

  • 70+ foot transmission capability
  • Non-electronic internal pitch sensor
  • Repairable and reusable



Transmit more information more consistently through Subsite Electronics reliable and innovative beacons. Featuring accessible electronic trackers and heavy-duty shock and vibration resistance, this critical piece of equipment is a must-have for all drill operations. 

A vital piece of equipment for all heavy drilling, beacons must have the durability and sensitivity to inform operators of current conditions before an accident happens.Subsites’s® beacons do that and more, and that’s why we stock them at Ditch Witch Northwest.

Rugged and accurate, these beacons transmit roll-angle, battery life, pitch information, and more to an accessible and intuitive LCD readout, maximizing the chance for quick and responsive adjustments. 


  • A Subsite exclusive: Electronic module is replaceable at your Ditch Witch® dealer, so your beacon is jobsite-ready for about half the cost o
  • Field-configurable power levels help extend battery life.
  • Automatic tuning circuitry delivers consistent operation in a variety of downhole tools.
  • Redundant/boosted power supply circuitry eliminates “on-off-on” operation in HDD beacons.
  • New BlueTooth® module increases connectivity for more reliable communication.
  • Higher-grade components increase maximum operational temperature from 176°F to 221°F.
  • Low frequency capability (1.5 hertz) enables you to work around materials like metal rebar.
  • Stiffer battery springs, constructed with customized material, increase contact area and improve connectivity during harsh vibrations.
  • A reduced number of battery connections—down to a single electronic module—increases the reliability of beacon “on time.”


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