Ditch Witch® 980T Transmitter

Incredibly sensitive, incredibly durable

Features & Specs

  • Concurrent 8 and 29 kHz transmissions
  • Finds ground faults under any surface
  • Enhanced sensitivity to metallic objects



Chart more accurately and quickly when using the 980T Transmitter from Ditch Witch®, a devise precisely engineered to provide on-the-fly versatility and streamline complex detection tasks.

From highly sensitive and adjustable features to a state-of-the-art design that emphasizes usability and durability, the 980T Transmitter is the be-all, end-all of locating equipment for subterranean objects.

Enjoy enhanced detection that accurately identifies plastic and insulted utility lines, synchronizes to 8 and 29 kHz transmissions for operator convenience, and pulse-based fault location. The 980T’s sturdy shell, backed by Ditch Witch Northwest ‘s active 24/7 support, ensures that it will scan effectively in even the harshest conditions.


  • Fault-locating mode to handle dielectric buildup from faulted cables
  • Concurrent 8 and 29 kHz transmission for added accuracy against trace and high frequency objects
  • Hard-wearing case and keypad is dust and moisture resistant to handle adverse weather and worksites
  • 3 to 4 pulse rate in fault-locating mode for better approximation of faults
  • Automatic mode-sensing for quick and precise tracing and evaluation of underground objects
  • Option of direct line connection, broadcast signals, or induction clamp for line locator transmissions
  • Sensitivity to metallic lines and tracer wires on non-metallic services
  • Finds ground faults under any surface, including rocky or icy soil


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