Ditch Witch® 980 Fault System

Finds faults quickly and accurately

Features & Specs

  • 17 available frequencies
  • Fault probe for any-obstacle detection
  • Automatic mode sensing



Find pipes, utility lines, and faults in virtually any scenario or setting thanks to the Ditch Witch® 980 Fault System, an advanced piece of locating equipment that provides industry-leading flexibility and power.

The 980 Fault System from Ditch Witch® utilizes powerful and innovative technology to augment the scope and precision of tracing subterranean objects, utility lines, and faults alike. 

Select from 5 built-in frequencies and configure an additional 7 more, utilize mode-sensing features to automatically detect cable-type, and go under sidewalks or trees with the remote probe. Brave any situation too, thanks to the 980’s durable and weather-resistant shell as well the 24/7 assistance Ditch Witch Northwest is famous for.


  • Remote probe to follow signals through sidewalks, trees, and other objects
  • Rugged aluminum frame of lightweight and fatigue-free handling
  • 31 kHz and re-radiated frequency detection in passive mode
  • 17 available frequencies, 5 standard and 12 configurable
  • Dual-purpose transmitter able to signal any Ditch Witch® pipe, cable, or fault locator
  • Automatic mode-sensing for quick and convenient frequency selection
  • Select from induction clamp, direct line connection, or broadcast signals for transmission to line locators
  • Fault probe effectively detects in a range of settings, including streetlight circuits, frozen ground, and sidewalks


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