Ditch Witch® 410SX

Innovative blades backed by excellent traction

Features & Specs

  • 45-hp Deutz diesel 6 engine
  • Responsive frame steering
  • Four-wheel drive



Packing a 45-hp punch and long-lasting blade, the 410SX is more than capable of handling land clearance in a number of scenarios, including pipe or wire installation.

A versatile and feature-packed vibratory plow, the 410SX brings consistently brings its A-game to trenching and pipe or wire installation alike.

Clear terrain quickly and conveniently through four-wheel drive, automatic blade centering, and auger to prevent damage from spoils. 

Like all Ditch Witch® products, the 410SX is engineered to meet the highest trenching standards – all day, every day. To keep your machinery running its best, trust Ditch Witch Northwest’s extensive support coverage and expert technicians.


  • Direction, speed, and steering controlled through an intuitive one-lever system
  • Additional safety and convenience through an operator-presence system that kills the engine when controls aren’t being handled
  • Front-mounted trencher attachment (optional) includes auger to increase worksite visibility and efficiency
  • Innovative vibratory-plow design features automatic centering when blade is set above the ground
  • 45-hp Deutz diesel 6 engine designed for durability, power, emissions compliance, and quietness
  • Responsive frame steering for excellent responsiveness when navigating around objects
  • Rear axle oscillates to four-wheel drive, offering additional traction for quicker ground clearance


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