Ditch Witch® 100SX

Move things along with good vibrations

Features & Specs

  • Streamlined 6 inches to 1 foot pipe and cable installation
  • Hydrostatic ground drive
  • Simplified maintenance



Sturdy, forceful, and efficient, Ditch Witch’s® 100SX vibratory plow strikes shallow earth and moves it along from wherever and whenever thanks to inventive features and proven engineering. 

The 100SX is a responsive and maneuverable vibratory plow that packs plenty of power.

Quickly cover ground with a forceful hydrostatic drive and nimble blade configurations that cover up to one foot when burying cable or pipe.

Ditch Witch’s® famous engineering and design standards are at full strength in the 100SX. Ditch Witch Northwest  and Papé keeps you moving by offering extensive 24/7 support and service.


  • Blow blade can bury pipe and cable between 6 inches and 1 foot
  • Compact size allows access through a standard yard gate
  • Installs power and communications lines up to 1 inch and natural gas, water service and sprinkler up to .75 inches
  • Accessible and intuitive controls
  • Self-propulsion quickens project completion while minimizing operator fatigue
  • Durable feed and pull blades designed for accuracy and durability
  • Serious traction and reliability from the hydrostatic ground drive
  • Accessible maintenance points to streamline and simplify day-to-day upkeep


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