• Directional drilling is a go-to method to simplify and expedite your excavation needs, but only if the equipment is effective. From new innovations to tried and true components, Ditch Witch® is constantly improving HDDs to deliver more in increasingly compact and accessible packages. 

  • Directional Drills

    Powerful enough to bore deep within the earth, yet accurate enough for delicate tasks, Ditch Witch’s® directional drills combine marvelous innovations with field-tested engineering. 

  • All Terrain

    Featuring all the power and innovation of Ditch Witch’s® directional drills atop stability-enhancing tracks, the All Terrain line goes anywhere without sacrificing power or stability.

  • Electronic Guidance

    Strike where you intend with less hassle or oversight with state-of-the-art Subsite® Electronics guidance systems. 

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